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About HyperKu

Investment and Advisory Group.

Why is going digital so difficult? The online world releases us from so much. But equally, it is a barrage of steps, processes, unwelcome emails and spam. What should be easy is often not, and complexity finds a way in. With this in mind, we started building a connected portfolio of businesses that understand this problem - we call it HyperKu.


Our Portfolio.

for founders, by founders

We help companies ready to scale.


Pre-scale companies typically have one or two missing pieces, capital is usually one. We make direct investments, and can source external capital for businesses ready to scale.


As companies scale, we find some founders need next-level help planning their expansion, including a sound capital strategy, financial, people, and resource management.


We look for synergy across the portfolio, and our broader network of people and companies - to identify new markets, create new products, new solutions, and drive revenue uplift.


Sometimes, young businesses just need 'fresh eyes' or friendly advice, a different perspective, and the benefit of experience - good and bad.

by founders
Patrick Barrett Founder, ECAL
Ilya Kravtsov Co-Founder, PouchNATION
David Rapaport Co-Founder, PouchNATION
Rob Lincolne Founder, Paydock

"We're on a mission to help publishers communicate events better, and to enhance and simplify the experience for their audience. Events belong in the calendar, right?"

"We want to empower hospitality and entertainment players with tools to create a seamless and frictionless experience for their guests."

"PouchNATION started by disrupting the venues and events space with our wearable NFC / RFID solutions. We've grown to become a one-stop guest management solution."

"Paydock is like Amazon for payment services. Through a single orchestration layer, we're giving merchants everything they need today, and future-proofing for what they need tomorrow."

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